Join us for the JUST BREATHE 3-Session 'Learn to Meditate in the Real World' Course that will teach you tools & techniques to establish your personal meditation practice in the real world. At Just Breathe we teach a simple, straight forward, agnostic, meditation technique* that allows you expand your self awareness, remove built up stress in the system and establish a deep state of rest, calm and ease in the body. It's easy to learn, effortless to practice, and enables you to easily become a self-sufficient meditator that can turn the volume down anywhere, anytime, every single day.

2019 Course Dates // Coming Soon


"Learning to Meditate with Just Breathe was one of the best decisions I ever made, the technique is brilliantly simple, but the effects are beyond effective and powerful. It has changed my whole daily routine for the better and given me the ability to really find my quiet, anywhere & everywhere in my life"
Justine Javier-Borja /// Tech & Business Consultant
"If you want to learn meditation in it’s purest and simplest form, to learn how to be a human being, not a human doing. Whether you have some meditation experience or zero, it is all relevant. You don’t need to go anywhere else"
Chandni Pattni /// Dentist

"If you know you want to bring meditation into your daily routine but don’t know where to begin, this is the course for you! You learn practically in a supportive environment where every question you ever wanted to ask about meditation is answered, and leave feeling ready to bring it consistently into your life. Meditation is now part of my daily routine, and this course helped massively to turn it into a habit. Highly recommended"
Sabi Kerr /// Teacher, Professional Dancer

"I feel like this course has been instrumental in me being able to delve deeper into my meditation practice, and for me to be able to establish a more regular way to settle and be still, I feel like the pressure is now off and I am so grateful I got the opportunity to take this course" 
Hannah Cluley /// Writer, Teacher, Entrepreneur


Ready to Learn?

"I am someone who does not find it easy to take a quiet moment to relax. This course provided a perfect place for me to ask questions, to practice new techniques and learn how to apply meditation to my everyday life. I am certainly no expert now but I really feel what I learnt on the course has really helped me to learn to take moments out of my day to relax and meditate which I really feel has helped me become more relaxed and has energised me when I most needed it."
Dr. John Sykes /// General Practitioner & Lifestyle Medicine Specialist

"My life is by definition busy, working in the technology industry, this course for me was a perfect mix of wisdom, practicality and reality. I walked away with a fresh perspective, new techniques, and an appreciation of how meditation can work in my lifestyle, and ultimately the relevancy to make it a daily practice."
Connor Swenson /// Marketing & Partnerships, Google

"Being part of Just Breathe has helped me find a community, who have supported me to trust the process of meditation. I am truly grateful to Michael and the Just Breathe Crew for supporting my journey"
Faiza Yasin /// Great Ormond Street Hospital, Volunteer

“Learn How to Meditate in The Real World” is a great training for us living our busy lives in busy cities. The course will give you all the tools to build your own meditation practice, answer all your questions and give you an opportunity to meet like minded people and be part of a community who take time to pause, sit together, turn the volume down and just breathe. I can say today after taking this course that I have a sustainable meditation practice, understanding what works for me and truly experiencing the benefit of it." 
Camille Raplh-Vidal // Global Brand Ambassador, St. Germaine & Barcardi

*** Private 1-2-1 trainings available
*** Please email info@justbreatheproject.com for rates, dates and details



STEP 1 // Join us at Quiet Club for an introduction to JUST BREATHE and how the course works
Each month we host an "open to the public" gathering where everyone is welcome to come and find out more about meditation in the real world.
The evening will consist of spirited discussions, learning about modern mindfulness, and a chance for community, connection & quiet.
Each evening will close with a group meditation and Q&A session about the course.

CLICK HERE for the next Quiet Club

If you are unable to join us for a Quiet Club,
but are still interested in the course, please drop us an email info@justbreatheproject.com
*Joining a Quiet Club is not mandatory for course sign up


MORTIMER HOUSE // LOCATION FOR Some courses Photo: Luke

Photo: Luke

STEP 2 // Enrol in our 3-Session 'Learn to Meditate In The Real Word' Course
Enrol in the Just Breathe 3-Session Meditation Course to learn the full 1 Giant Mind technique to start and sustain your personal meditation practice.
Located in Central London, each course will offer a chance to go deep into establishing our state of being and understanding the necessary
techniques to effectively mediate every single day

How the Course Works? 
Session 1 // LEARN // Learn the technique for meditation and establishing your personal practice & become a self sustainable modern meditator.
Put the technique into practice with a group meditation and Q&A
Session 2 // REVIEW // Review the technique, check in on your meditation experience and ask/answer any questions about your personal practice.
In this session we'll learn & review 'best practices' & answer the question, 'WHEN, WHERE & WHAT' is the best time to meditate for me?
Session 3 // PRACTICE // Our final session will dive deeper into the real world benefits of meditation and establish our state of being. We will discuss
how the layers of the mind works and the resources and capacities that we have to integrate the practice as a response to the demands
of our everyday lives, every single day.



STEP 3 // Welcome to a Lifetime of Community, Connection & Quiet!
By completing the course, you are now apart of our Just Breathe Modern Meditators Crew, forever! (or as long as you'd like to be!). 
All graduates of the course receive a lifetime commitment of support from our community and are welcome anytime to come sit or re-sit the course
with us to check back in, refresh or reconnect* 

Ready to Learn?

Just Breathe Learn-to-Meditate Courses are led by trained Just Breathe Facilitators. Select facilitators are certified in the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique as part of their facilitators requirement, course dependent.