I'm fine, a panel discussion about mental health and men


A panel discussion and charity event

The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch
20 May 2019, 6-30 - 9.00pm


We're hosting a special guest panel, opening up the conversation about about men and mental health. Reports show that depression is twice as common in the male population, and even more it often are goes unsupported because men are less likely to talk about it. This men’s only event is at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch.

This men's only evening is open to anyone ready to have a real conversation about how we can work together to support each other and be supported. This will be a easy going evening, focused around buildng community and starting a much needed conversation together. 

It's time to shift the conversation away from 'I'm Fine' to 'I Feel…’

All profits from the event goes to support the The Gives Project, a charity initiative from Just Breathe that actively supports charitable projects all around the world.


The Panel


Michael James Wong

Just Breathe founder, teacher and writer

Michael is a teacher, meditation guide, speaker and the author of ‘Sit Down, Be Quiet’. Recognised around the world as a leading voice in the global wellness movement, he’s on a mission to break down barriers, smash stereotypes and bring the community together for a calmer and quieter conversation about the benefits of a mindful way of living.

Michael has been a keynote speaker at recent London TEDx events, Parliamentary APPG for mindfulness, the NHS and The Royal College of General Practitioners. He has featured regularly in within The Evening Standard, The Guardian, Balance Magazine, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Culture Trip, mindbodygreen, BBC Radio, Sunday Times Style, Timeout, The Telegraph and the Huffington Post.


Ben Bidwell

Life Coach, Writer and Speaker

Ben is a mindset and purpose coach, writer and public speaker who inspires his audience to become their most authentic self and achieve their deepest potential.

Having been on his own journey from a masked "toxic" masculine to an awakened & open soul, his story is deeply authentic & relatable. In July 2017, he launched his blog, @thenakedprofessor, where he beautifully articulates the importance of mental health & personal development by stripping away the masks of masculinity & embracing his unmasked persona in a vulnerable, yet captivating way. The result is his message is hugely empowering & inspiring, in his words, “by embracing your vulnerabilities, no one can hold them against you”.

Ben's heartfelt message has seen him write for The Independent Newspaper & he has eloquently shared his message on Sky News, This Morning, Build London, Talk Radio & Heart. In doing so he is leading a revolution encouraging men to open up and connect more with their emotions whilst still retaining their sense of masculinity.

Together with Matt Johnson, Ben is one half of the #1 podcast show “The Naked Professors” that embraces conversations about mental health in a vulnerable but relatable way.


Benny Gould

Global Head of Partnerships at Facebook

Ben Gould is the global lead for Facebook's Business Influencer Program. Ben is focused on managing the Public Profile's for some of the world's most well known CEOs across Facebook and Instagram, giving executives the opportunity to showcase their personal brand to billions of people around the world.

Ben has been on a wellness journey himself, leaving corporate life a few years ago to travel the world and become a certified yoga teacher in Nicaragua and launch his own start-up, Bondi Yoga House in Sydney, Australia. His life purpose is to foster a community of people with greater connection, inspiration and authenticity to live a positive, adventure filled life.


Chris Magee

Head of Yoga at Psycle London

Chris is the head of yoga for Psycle London, and an avid wellness enthusiast. He is dedicated to supporting men as they step onto the mat and realise the benefits of the practice.