The Just Breathe meditation app


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Sometimes in life we feel busy, stressed or overwhelmed. We all have our own ways to cope; some of us run or take a long bath, some of us read or cook - you will undoubtedly have your own way to manage. Meditation is, in its simplest form is a way to focus. An easy way to calm the mind by giving yourself a few minutes to be still. Our meditation app offers an easy way to do this, even if you have never meditated before.


Real world benefits

Meditation is beneficial for everyone. You don’t have to be stressed to meditate, but a daily practice can help you to feel manage daily life and improve your mood. The benefits of meditation are endorsed internationally by medical professionals, and a regular practice can improve your mental health and some help you to manage some physical health conditions.


How to use our app

You’ve probably heard people tell you how meditation is good for you. But are you are still non-the-wiser about where you should start and what to expect? Here’s a little guide on what to expect.


Sit down

The first thing to do is to find somewhere to sit. Find somewhere you won’t be disturbed, if it’s noisy where you are wear headphones to help you focus.


Choose your meditation

Choose your time and style. If you are new to meditation we recommend choosing ‘teacher and music’ the guide will take you through the entire process from start to finish.


Be quiet

Sit still, close your eyes and listen. You will hear a bell at the start and end of the meditation. It’s that simple.