About Us

Just Breathe is a mindful media network, bringing mindfulness to the real world. We create inspiring content, experiences and events to help guide audiences through the complex world of wellness, mindfulness and meditation. We develop and design creative activations both online and offline, collaborating with artists and musicians to create film, events and experiences, education, brand partnerships and charitable initiatives - helping audiences to understand how mindfulness is relevant in the modern world.

Launched in 2016 by meditation teacher, wellness advocate and community leader, Michael James Wong, we are dedicated to building a community of like minded people ready to turn the volume down in their everyday lives. 

We have brought people together all around the world for community, connection and quiet. In London we’ve seen 1000+ people at iconic International destinations such as The British Museum, The Tate Modern Turbine Hall, The Shard, The Old Truman Brewery, Wilderness Festival, Wanderlust Festival and Balance Festival.


We've built a community where everyone is welcome

In today’s world there is an ever growing need for community, a place for people to come together to be inspired, to be heard, to feel welcomed and feel a sense of belonging. And Just Breathe is just that. A like-minded community, with a culture of kindness and a mindful way of living, every single day.


We cultivate real human connection

Our ability to connect in the real world is rapidly moving in the wrong direction. Just Breathe is a community focused on real world connections; in person, online and en-mass. We create shared experiences which bring people together in conversation and stillness, and create mindful content that inspires and share our message.


We’ve started a quiet conversation

Our mission is simple, to help turn down the volume, and share the benefits of these practices in the real world - inspiring people to live mindfully, every single day.



Meet our Founder

Just Breathe's founder is Michael James Wong, a teacher, meditation guide, speaker and the author of ‘Sit Down, Be Quiet’. Recognised around the world as a leading voice in the global wellness movement, he’s on a mission to break down barriers, smash stereotypes and bring the community together for a calmer and quieter conversation about the benefits of a mindful way of living.



Join us at one of our events


Mass moments of mindfulness with more than 1000 people

Quiet Club, our monthly community event

Mindful Moments at unique curated events 

Speaker series, panel discussions and talks

Quiet concerts, with artists, musicians and spoken word

Modern mindfulness programmes

Meditation Courses



Download our daily meditation app


Find a mindful moment anytime, anywhere with our daily meditation practice app, guided by our Founder Michael James Wong. Available on both Apple and Andriod, search ‘Just Breathe’.



Just Breathe Gives


Just Breathe continues to give back with the GIVES project, a program that focuses on bringing people together for community-driven, charitably initiatives and group volunteering days. Throughout 2019 we will introduce more of these charity led initiatives and events.