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Just Breathe Inspire presents Loni Lincoln

Loni has been part of our community since the start. Joining and supporting her on her journey to create her debut album has been a huge privilege for us, she took some time out to tell us about her journey and the inspirations behind the music.


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An Evening of Growth in the Geffrye Museum

For the first time, we sat together outside in the beautiful gardens of this historic museum for an amazing evening of performances from musicians and artists, shared conversation and meditation.

Watch / Human Stories

What happens when you spend an entire day in silence?

What would happen if you spent a whole day in silence? We challenged Alex to spend a day without words, this is what happened.


Watch / Bathroom Meditations

Bathroom Meditations, 5 minutes with Momento

Imagine if there was a place in almost every home, office or building where we could step away from the chaos and find a moment of peace and quiet.

Watch / Human Stories

Would you meditate with a stranger?

We took to the streets of London with Marc to see how many strangers would be willing share a moment with us, and Just Breathe.



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Grand Gathering Volume 8 at the British Museum

Our guests stepped into one of London’s most iconic spaces for live music, spoken word, conversation and meditation.

Watch / Quiet Conversations

What does Simplicity mean to you?

Join us for a moment of quiet conversation with our community, as we discuss the meaning of simplicity in the modern world.


Watch / Learn

2 minutes of mindfulness with flour

A practial and easy way to practice mindfulness, calm the mind by watching something slow and simple.

Watch / Words to Live By

Am I bad at meditating?

We sit down for a few moments with Just Breathe Founder Michael James Wong to discuss ways to practice mindfulness and meditation in the real world.



Latest Events


Events / Quiet Club

October Quiet Club at Mortimer House, London

Join us as we host an intimate gathering for an evening of quiet conversation on what it means to live mindfully in the real world. Each month we take on a different theme to discuss as a community.

Events / Education and Teaching

Mindfulness and Meditation for the Real World at Fora Soho, London

Join Michael James Wong, Founder of Just Breathe for a talk on dissolving stress, anxiety and battling burnout in the real world. Learn the tools and techniques to starting a meditation practice, and discover daily routines to support your essential wellbeing.

Events / Quiet Club

November Quiet Club
at Fora Folgate, London

Another edition of our monthly Quiet Club, hosted by the Just Breathe community we invite you to start the week off with some meaningful conversation, and close with some quiet time to Just Breathe.

Events / Retreat

31/01 - 02/02/2020
Just Breathe Silent Retreat, West Lexham in Norfolk

Roaring fires, misty forests, delicious food and meditation. Sound like your thing - join us for a weekend silence, stillness and a deep dive into the wisdom of the practice.


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