Mindfulness for the real world


Just Breathe is on a mindful mission to bring a quiet conversation into the real world


Launched in 2016 by meditation teacher, wellness advocate and community leader, Michael James Wong, we are dedicated to building a community of like minded people ready to turn the volume down in their everyday lives. 

What started as a single event in London, has grown into a global community of mass meditation events, charitable initiaves and a daily practice app. We are a growing mindful media network that creates breath making and breathtaking moments.


Next Events

Quiet Club

05/09/2019: Dedication at August Quiet Club

At Quiet club this August we explore mindfulness through the theme of Dedication. Through discussion, contemplation and meditation we'll explore what it means to live mindfully in the modern world.

Grand Gathering

02/09/2019: Grand Gathering Volume 11 at The Geffrye Museum

This year our summer charity initiative is to encourage Londoners to spend a day together giving back and cleaning up one of our many local beaches.



Past Events


Quiet Club

15/07/2019: Happiness at July Quiet Club

Don't worry, be happy. Join us for our monthly gathering as we explore mindfulness through the theme of happiness, and explore what it means to live mindfully in the real world.

Panels & Keynotes 20 May 2019

I'm Fine, a guest panel about men's mental health

We're hosting a special guest panel, opening up the conversation about about men and mental health. Reports show that depression is twice as common in the male population, and even more it often are goes unsupported because men are less likely to talk about it. This men’s only event is at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch.

Panels & Keynotes 10 June 2019

'Simplicity' at June Quiet Club

Da Vinci said that simplicity was the ultimate sophistication, but what does simplicity mean to you? We sat together at our June Quiet Club to discuss simplicity in the modern world, and where we can do less in our lives. Take a look at the what went on here.


Events 10-12 May 2019

Just Breathe at Balance Festival

We took Just Breathe took to the Truman Brewery once again, but this time at Balance Festival. We tested our latest app in a giant pit of pillows, and shared knowledge and guidance on mindfulness in the modern world to a new audience.

Partnerships March 2019

Mindful coffee tasting

We paired up with the London and Amsterdam Coffee festival to create an immersive mindful coffee experience.

Panels & Keynotes 28 March 2019

Mindfulness in the medical world

We took a room full of medical professionals through the practice of mindfulness, breathing and meditation as part of their wellbeing and medicine day.


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