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Just Breathe is on a mindful mission to bring a quiet conversation into the real world


Next Events

Quiet Club 8 April 2019

April Quiet Club 'Priorities'

No, you don't have to go to the party. Stop being busy, and starting prioritising your needs. Join us this month as we tackle the topic of doing less and enjoying more. Hosted by Michael James Wong, with a special live music meditation with INSPIRE artist, Loni Mai Rose.

Quiet Club 13 May 2019

May Quiet Club 'Freedom'

Freedom is more than a state of mind, it's a way of life. Join us this month at Quiet Club as we discuss and dive deep into cultivating freedom in our life, lifestyle, relationships and mental wellbeing.

Quiet Club 10 June 2019

June Quiet Club 'Simplicity'

Da Vinci said that simplicity was the ultimate sophistication, but what does simplicity mean to you? Where in your life can you do less? Join us as we sit together and discuss simplicity in the modern world that help us become more mindful in our everyday lives.


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Past Events

Partnerships March 2019

Mindful coffee tasting

We paired up with the London and Amsterdam Coffee festival to create an immersive mindful coffee experience.

Panels & Keynotes 28 March 2019

Mindfulness in the medical world

We took a room full of medical professionals through the practice of mindfulness, breathing and meditation as part of their wellbeing and medicine day.

Grand Gathering 25 January 2019

Mass Meditation at The Tate

In partnership with Late at the Tate, Just Breathe hosted a very special mass meditation in the Tate Turbine Hall with over 800 people.


Grand Gathering January 2019

The Grand Gathering Volume 10, at The Old Truman Brewery

Just Breathe returns home to the place that started it all, The Truman Brewery. For a special evening of community, connection and quiet.

Quiet Club 3 December 2018

December Quiet Club, in aid of Crisis London

More than 70 people joined us at Mortimer House for an evening of community, connection and quiet. Together we wrapped over 500 presents that we then hand delivered to a Crisis UK homeless shelter in London on Christmas Day.

Grand Gathering 18 June 2018

The Grand Gathering Volume 9, at The British Museum

Our season finale saw our global community come together as The British Museum opened it’s doors to the exclusive Enlightenment Room and allowed our guests to explore thousands of years of world history.