Learn to Meditate

The Just Breathe Meditation Course

with Just Breathe Founder, Michael James Wong

1-2 October 2018
Mortimer House, London

This Just Breathe 3 Session meditation course teaches a technique to start and sustain a personal meditation practice. Located in Central London, the course offered a chance to go deep into establishing a state of being and understanding the necessary techniques to effectively mediate every single day.

At Just Breathe we teach a simple, straight forward, agnostic, meditation technique that allowing each person to expand their self awareness, remove built up stress in the system and establish a deep state of rest, calm and ease in the body. It's easy to learn, effortless to practice, and enables you to easily become a self-sufficient meditator that can turn the volume down anywhere, anytime.



The Session Plan


Session 1 - Learn

Learn the technique for meditation and establishing your personal practice and become a self sustainable modern meditator. Put the technique into practice with a group meditation and Q&A.

Session 2 - Review

Review the technique, check in on your meditation experience and ask and answer any questions about your personal practice. In this session we'll learn and review best practices and answer the question - When, where and what is the best time to meditate for me?

Session 3 - Practice

Our final session will dive deeper into the real world benefits of meditation and establish our state of being. We will discuss how the layers of the mind works and the resources and capacities that we have to integrate the practice as a response to the demands of our everyday lives, every single day.





"I am someone who does not find it easy to take a quiet moment to relax. This course provided a perfect place for me to ask questions, to practice new techniques and learn how to apply meditation to my everyday life. I am certainly no expert now but I really feel what I learnt on the course has really helped me to learn to take moments out of my day to relax and meditate which I really feel has helped me become more relaxed and has energised me when I most needed it."

Dr. John Sykes, GP and Lifestyle Medicine Specialist