Grand Gathering Volume 11, at The Geffrye Museum

Join us for our Summer Grand Gathering at the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton, for a mindful evening of music, real human conversations and a group meditation with more than 500 people. This is your chance to discover a quiet moment in the busy city. 


Dedication at Quiet Club

Join us at our monthly gathering to enjoy live music, inspiring discussion and meditation in an intimate setting. We explore mindfulness through the theme of dedication, and explore what it means to live mindfully in the real world.


Past Events


Happiness at Quiet Club

Don't worry, be happy. Join us for our monthly gathering as we explore mindfulness through the theme of happiness, and explore what it means to live mindfully in the real world.

Simplicity at Quiet Club

Da Vinci said that simplicity was the ultimate sophistication, but what does simplicity mean to you? We sat together at our June Quiet Club to discuss simplicity in the modern world, and where we can do less in our lives. Take a look at what went on here.

I'm Fine, a guest panel about men's mental health

We're hosting a special guest panel, opening up the conversation about about men and mental health. Reports show that depression is twice as common in the male population, and even more it often are goes unsupported because men are less likely to talk about it. This men’s only event is at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch.


May 2019
Just Breathe at Balance Festival

We took Just Breathe took to the Truman Brewery once again, but this time at Balance Festival. We tested our latest app in a giant pit of pillows, and shared knowledge and guidance on mindfulness in the modern world to a new audience.

Priorities at Quiet Club

No, you don't have to go to the party. Stop being busy, and starting prioritising your needs. Join us this month as we tackle the topic of doing less and enjoying more. Hosted by Michael James Wong, with a special live music meditation with INSPIRE artist, Loni Mai Rose

March 2019
Mindful coffee tasting

We paired up with the London and Amsterdam Coffee festival to create an immersive mindful coffee experience.


Mindfulness in the real world

We took a room full of medical professionals through the practice of mindfulness, breathing and meditation as part of their wellbeing and medicine day.

The Grand Gathering Volume 11, at the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern

We brought together over 1,000 people for stillness at the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern, an incredible evening in a breathtaking space.

The Grand Gathering Volume 10, at The Old Truman Brewery

Just Breathe returns home to the place that started it all, The Truman Brewery. For a special evening of community, connection and quiet.


December Quiet Club, in aid of Crisis London

The Grand Gathering Volume 9, at The British Museum

Learn to meditate in the real world


The Grand Gathering Volume 8, at The British Museum

The Grand Gathering Volume 7, at The Old Truman Brewery

The Grand Gathering Volume 6, at The Shard


The Grand Gathering Volume 5, at The Shard

The Grand Gathering Volume 4, at The Shard

The Grand Gathering Volume 3, at The Truman Brewery Boiler Room


The Grand Gathering Volume 2, at Vita Coco Warehouse

The Grand Gathering Volume 1, at The Truman Brewery Boiler Room